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A study has just identified 6 key foods, which combined, would be associated with a lower risk of declaring heart disease. It would seem that people who do not consume it are more prone to cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The health of your heart depends a lot on your plate. Foods rich in salt and in saturated fats are known to elevate blood pressure and bad cholesterol. People affected by heart disease are encouraged to review their diet.

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Eating oily fish 4 times a week improves your heart health

In France, cardiovascular diseases represent the second leading cause of death, just after cancer and are the cause of approximately 150,000 deaths per year and 400 deaths per day, estimates the Institut Pasteur de Lille. However, most of these deaths could have been avoided. In particular by improving the hygiene of life and above all, food.

A news study just proved that people prone to heart disease tend to give up six types of food. According to researchers from McMaster University (USA), this would explain the state of health of their heart.

Heart disease: a food score lets you know if you are at risk

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that about 18 million people died from heart disease in 2019, accounting for 32% of all deaths worldwide. Of these deaths, 85% were due to heart attacks and strokes. The researchers analyzed the medical data of 245,000 people in 80 countries from several studies. The results have been published in theEuropean Heart Journal.

The researchers established a diet score to assess health outcomes in different regions of the world and in people with and without cardiovascular histories.

The PURE Healthy Diet Score provided a good representation of the health status of people living in high, middle and low income countries said Salim Yusuf, author and principal investigator of PURE.

This score focuses on food exclusively protectors or natural. ” Moderate amounts of fish and whole dairy products are associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and mortality. The same health results can be achieved with a moderate intake of grains and meats, as long as they are unrefined whole grains and unprocessed meats. “, adds the author.

Discover in pictures 6 foods to eat more often according to the PURE Healthy Diet Score.

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2/6 –

The vegetables
The PURE Healthy Diet Score recommends two to three servings per day.

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3/6 –

The PURE Healthy Diet Score recommends three to four servings weekly. Soybeans, groundnuts, beans, peas, broad beans and lentils are the most cultivated legumes.

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Whole dairy products
The PURE Healthy Diet Score recommends two servings per day.

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5/6 –

The PURE Healthy Diet Score recommends two to three servings weekly. For the health of your heart, it is recommended to focus on omega-3s which help regulate blood pressure and cholesterol. We find salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and herring.

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6/6 –

The PURE Healthy Diet Score recommends one serving per day.

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