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Handfit is a practice created by the FFHandball. This discipline is aimed both at people in good health wishing to resume physical activity and at people suffering from chronic conditions or illnesses.

This practice was born out of a request from the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The FFHandball had to offer a prophylactic (preventive) practice that took into account the health of the practitioners” explains Natalie Delord in charge of the development of the practice of Handfit and its adaptations to the FFHandball. It will be Handfit, a mix of muscle building, team games, cardio, mobility and stretching. The term Handfit comes from the contraction between Handball and Fitness.

“The Handfit practice which is practiced in a group takes up the training phases of Handball with more adapted exercises” she describes. In practice: the 45-minute session is divided into 5 parts:

  • The Hand Rolla warm-up based on self-massage.
  • The Hand Balancein pairs or in groups: practitioners go through several workshops based on coordination, motor skills or proprioception.
  • Cardiopower which offers muscle strengthening movements through games (in an intense short-duration work format 20s of work x 10s of recovery with at least 2 sets of 4 minutes).
  • The Handjoytwo teams compete as in handball with the objective (for example to touch massage rollers which replace the goal posts.
  • The Cooldownthe return to calm which reduces fatigue and aches.

Handfit: its health benefits

Handfit helps prevent cardiovascular diseases, obesity and aging and contributes to the treatment of pathologies. “This sport-health practice allows primary, secondary and tertiary prevention” informs Natalie Delord. “In primary prevention, Handfit is for healthy people who want to stay healthy. A session lasting 45 minutes, this practice is well suited to adults very busy professionally who can do a session on the meridian break. The Handfit coaches also offer them a program that they can carry out at home,” she explains.

This practice also has an interest in secondary prevention, for people who have had health problems, such as cancer, and who need an adapted activity.

Finally, Handfit has an interest in tertiary prevention for those who have a chronic pathology. It acts as a therapeutic accompaniment. Handfit has been recognized for 2 years as a healthy sport and can be the subject of a medical prescription as part of the care pathway for people with long-term illnesses (ALD).

Soon scientific data on the benefit of Handfit

If the FFHandall already has field data on the health benefits of this activity (like this Handfit coach, who reported that a member suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) had been able to climb two flights of stairs without her bottle of oxygen after 6 Handfit sessions) there is a lack of scientific data. “For two years, we have been collecting results of physiological tests validated by the CNOSF and the GOOVE app of the Ministry of Sports and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in order to know what is the specific contribution of Handfit compared to another physical activity” informs the person in charge of the development of the practice of Handfit and its adaptations to the FFHandball.

Handfit can be practiced in a good number of Handball clubs.

Find a Handfit club: monclub.ffhandball.fr

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