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1.5 to 2.5 million French women suffer from endometriosis, a disease causing physical and mental pain, and sometimes infertility. To avoid accentuating disabling symptoms, a certain lifestyle is required. We take stock with Isabelle Sylvestre, dietician nutritionist in Colombes (92) and at the origin of Endodiet, the network bringing together specialists trained in the management of this disease.

In France, one in 10 women suffers fromendometriosis. This gynecological disease is characterized by the presence of endometrium outside the uterine cavity. It is in a way a tissue similar to that found in the mucous membrane of the uterus. This evil induces enormous suffering in those affected. physical suffering with pains recurring at the source of fatigue intense. But also psychological suffering with depression and/or anxiety. Add to this bleak picture that endometriosis remains the leading cause ofinfertility In France.

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In the case of disabling pain, do not hesitate to turn to doctors called ” algologists » ie specialized in pain treatment or in CETDs (pain assessment and treatment centres).

Natural solutions to reduce pain

others solutions are beginning to show their effectiveness: sophrology, hypnosis, acupuncture, specific yoga, osteopathy, and even spa treatments. Endometriosis also requires paying attention to one’s lifestyle and in particular to one’s feed.

Even if it is valid for everyone, we must never stop remembering that processed food must be banned on a daily basis. By eating better, we reduce the risk inflammatory ..insists Isabelle Sylvestre dietitian nutritionist. The rules in this area aim to cut out sugar and refined foods to turn to organic and pesticide-free food.

It is also necessary to avoid being confronted with endocrine disruptors. A theory that they may cause endometriosis is gaining ground. Even if it will still take scientific work to have more details. These ubiquitous chemical substances in our environment being suspected, we can invite women who suffer from this disease to banish certain habits. “. So concretely, how to go about it?

1/ We eliminate ready-made and industrial dishes

Processed or ultra-processed foods of this type should be totally eliminated. We turn to homemadewe go to the kitchen to concoct dishes with organic food without industrial ingredients.

2/ We pay attention to our kitchen utensils

We throw our damaged pans, Teflon is banned. We turn to enamelled cast iron, stainless steel, sandstone or ceramic.

3/ We avoid aluminum

To cook your papillotes or cook in general, we prefer paper parchment and not aluminum which is suspected of being an endocrine disruptor.

4/ We do not consume food products that have been in contact with plastic

When you want to store food, no plastic boxes, nor packaging in this matter. Prefer glass, ceramics, porcelain.

5/ Do not put plastic containers in the microwave or dishwasher

There heat promotes the appearance of endocrine disruptors.

6/ We drink in stainless steel water bottles

Avoid filling plastic bottles with water for drinking, and using them several times. Prefer them stainless steel water bottles to transport your drinks.

7/ We limit the risks of indoor pollution

Ventilate your interior regularly, even if it is very cold. Morning and evening, ideally at least 15 to 20 minutes. And if you love candles, ventilate even more; you will thus eliminate some of the harmful particles.

8/ Choose your cosmetics carefully

For your hygiene and your beauty, bet on the organic labeled products. Better yet, make them yourself: it’s easy and above all much more economical, in addition to being healthy for our skin.

Thanks to Isabelle Sylvestre dietician nutritionist in Colombes 92, at the origin of the Endodiet network.

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