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Vasectomy is a permanent male contraceptive method that involves cutting or ligating the vas deferens, responsible for transporting sperm from the testicles to the urethra. This simple and quick operation which makes it possible to avoid unwanted pregnancies is increasingly popular in France. Contrary to popular belief, vasectomy does not cause undesirable side effects both in terms of sexual desire and the act itself. Here’s everything you need to know about libido and post-vasectomy sexuality.

Vasectomy and libido: no hormonal modification

Sexual desire (or libido) is mainly regulated by sex hormones. In men, it is mainly testosterone, produced by the testicles, which is responsible. In the collective imagination, we often associate vasectomy and loss of libido.

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However, vasectomy does not affect the normal functioning of the testicles. Testosterone continues to be secreted in the usual amount, so there is no physiological impact of the vasectomy on libido.

There is even a positive effect on sexual desire, as men (and couples, in general) are less anxious about a possible risk of pregnancy. Sexuality is thus more spontaneous and more satisfying. Many patients having benefited from a vasectomy thus explain having experienced an increased sexual desire and better sexuality after vasectomy.

Vasectomy and erection: no functional disorder

Erection results from a complex process requiring the activity of the nerves and muscles of the penis, as well as its blood vessels. The vasectomy operation does not alter these structural elements which are located away from the vas deferens. In these conditions, there is no impotence or decline in erection, or its ability to maintain an erection.

Here too, the psychological aspect of this contraceptive technique can have a beneficial effect on erection by reducing stress and increasing self-confidence. Some patients even claim to have noticed an improvement in their sexual performance and endurance after the surgery.

Vasectomy and orgasm: no loss of sensation or ejaculation

Orgasm results in a peak of pleasure felt during the sexual act. It is usually accompanied by ejaculation. Vasectomy does not alter the quality of orgasm or its frequency. The operation does not affect the nerves responsible for sensation or the muscles responsible for ejaculatory contractions.

Ejaculation therefore also remains unchanged, the only difference being the absence of sperm in the ejaculated semen (which is about 5%). This difference is totally imperceptible.

Some patients even report longer and more intense orgasms after the operation.

The liberating effect of vasectomy on married life

Vasectomy is not just a personal matter, it involves the couple. The decision to have surgery must be carefully considered and shared within the couple.

Vasectomy can have a beneficial effect on the life of a couple, because it represents a sharing of responsibility by the man and leads to recognition and trust on the part of the other partner. The intervention can be perceived as a proof of love and mutual respect.

It allows you to free yourself from certain constraints induced by female contraceptive methods, with known undesirable side effects, and to fully experience your sexuality without fear or guilt.

We also see more and more young men taking an interest in this method of permanent contraception which was formerly rather considered at a more advanced age, proof that the word is freed and that the received ideas are now swept away.

Sperm storage: a possibility to consider

However, vasectomy remains a definitive method of contraception., which makes it impossible to conceive a child naturally. It is therefore strongly advised to think carefully before taking the plunge and to ensure that the family project is completed.

However, there is the possibility of preserving fertility if the couple were to change their mind or situation: the conservation of sperm. It consists of collecting sperm before proceeding with the vasectomy, freezing it and storing it in a specialized centre. Frozen sperm retains its fertilizing power and can be used later during in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

Sperm storage is not mandatory before the vasectomy. But it can be offered to men who want it, after having received all the necessary information as to the modalities and limits of this gesture.

Vasectomy is therefore a permanent contraceptive method that has no negative impact on male sexuality. On the contrary, it can even have a beneficial effect on sexual desire, erection, orgasm and couple life. This intervention has no negative effect on the production of male hormones or on the mechanisms of erection or ejaculation. It has no effect on virility or on the sexual identity of the man. It is therefore a very interesting option for patients who no longer wish to have children and who want to fully enjoy their sex life.

Article written in collaboration with Pr Aurel Messas urological surgeon specialized in minimally invasive technique, robotic surgery and focal treatment of prostate cancer.

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