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With the development of telework, or because of habits well anchored in our daily lives, it happens that we do not eat sitting at a table. Our meals sometimes take place on a sofa, at the office while consulting emails, the assumptions vary according to our obligations. So, does the position in which we have lunch or dinner matter on digestion?

According to a survey carried out by Ifop in 2021, almost half of French people suffer from digestive disorders. Among them, there are 49% women and 39% men.

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The causes of these disorders have very diverse origins. But to guard against it, good digestion remains the key. And to achieve this, we must act in several directions. The contents of his plate, of course. But also, the conditions in which one takes his meals. So, what position to adopt to promote good digestion?

What is the best position for eating?

There best position for dinner or lunch is the seated position, at the table, with your back straight, your feet flat on the ground, your chest open. This posture allows you to keep a relaxed stomach, an important element for good digestion. explains Dr. Philippe Godeberge, gastroenterologist.

In fact, sitting with your back straight promotes the passage of food which will thus fall directly into the stomach.

Today, with the rise of telework, or reduced meal breaks, we are increasingly led to eat in the office, on a corner of the table, sometimes on sofas. And even doing something else. Which is quite detrimental to our digestive system. Being curled up, for example, tends to compress the stomach. This will complicate his work and develop risks of disorders such as acid reflux or bloating for example.

What also matters is to bring together calm conditions to allow good digestion. Eat slowly, chewing each bite. We focus on eating mindfully, and we don’t do anything else like reading your emails or looking at your phone. adds the doctor.

Regarding the standing position, it concerns few people (unless you eat a sandwich while walking for example) and has not been the subject of scientific studies in this direction.

Otherwise, meals on low tables are not recommended insofar as we are forced to make movements that change the body’s position regularly, and therefore does not invite serenity. ” The quality of digestion depends on the setting in which meals are taken and the time devoted to them. A time that is getting shorter and shorter as digestive disorders develop. emphasizes the specialist. So you know what you have to do to better digest…

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