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Do sweating and relaxation rhyme only on paper? This is what we wanted to know by questioning Doctor Jean-Christophe Nogrette on the subject.

Like many of us, you know it’s good for your health and keeps you in shape, but that doesn’t mean you exercise regularly. And then you certainly learned that he could reduce the stress, and then you considered putting on your sneakers. But can a simple run help you avoid (or limit) micro-panic attacks in the office?

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Yes, to some extent

What is certain is that sport produces endorphins explains Doctor Nogrette straight away. Either the famous ” happiness hormone “, Who ” calms and makes people who regularly jog addicted to their outings. They’re looking for this shoot.»

But beware, this is only true for occasional and moderate practice. “ A professional sportsman who will sharpen himself to the maximum and constantly push his limits will recreate a component of stress. It doesn’t work the same way! »

A convincing effect beyond 30 minutes

If the simple act of walking can help you relax slightly, ” it is estimated that you need to go a little beyond half an hour of real effort, which makes you sweat, for this effect to start to be significant. »

Thus, a simple running session in the morning before going to work can allow you to approach your day more serenely… and above all to be more efficient: ” It is proven that this improves cognitive state. But like everything that ultimately makes it possible to enliven a day with moments of relaxation. The Japanese understood this well and established the siesta in their businesses. The result: productivity increases. »

Well, we see you coming: no, the siesta is not a sport. Even if you practice it very well. But nothing prevents you from making one after running!

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