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They sparkle and promise you better digestion. Not so sure ! Sparkling waters are not necessarily the best allies of serene digestion. Explanations.

A glass of sparkling water improves digestion. It is at least a tenacious belief and an idea which circulates with great reinforcement of advertising messages in this direction. But does sparkling water really aid digestion?

Before answering, we must look at the composition of these drinks. They often contain a lot of sodium bicarbonate, a component that would facilitate the emptying of the stomach. ” Scientifically, there is nothing to confirm this effect. Certainly they facilitate the belching of gas from the digestive tract through the mouth or nose, burping in everyday language, but nothing more underlines Dr. Philippe Godeberge Gastroenterologist in Paris. In addition, carbonated waters do not all contain the same amount of sodium bicarbonate. So it’s hard to generalize.

Some specialists claim that it is the bubbles and the CO2 contained therein that allows better gastric evacuation and therefore better digestion. The only certainty is that if you eat quickly, or too much, or if you are bloated, these waters will not help things at all. On the contrary, you can even feel some discomfort if you drink it during the meal. ” What is certain is that from time to time and during hearty meals these waters can calm the reflux and decrease acidity. Like antacid medications, which buffer this acidity, drinking water rich in bicarbonates can decrease reflux symptoms.adds Dr. Godeberge.

In any case, the secret of good digestion does not necessarily involve the consumption of sparkling water. But rather by elementary rules. That is to say, eat slowly, calmly, at regular times. Prioritize quality rather than quantity and avoid excess fat or fried foods. And above all, focus on chewing. By chewing each bite slowly, you avoid ” swallow » food, and your digestive system will thank you!

Thanks to Dr Philippe Godeberge, gastroenterologist in Paris.

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