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There is a better position than the others for sleeping properly and relieving your body. Explanations according to NASA.

We all have a favorite sleeping position: on your stomach, as a fetus, on your back… Some prefer big pillows, others sleep without, on a soft mattress or a hard mattress… But do you know the ideal position? (scientifically speaking) for good quality sleep? An article in the Daily Mail takes up in detail the so-called “zero gravity” position developed by NASA, also called “sleep like an astronaut”.

Of course, the idea is not to avoid gravitation when sleeping on earth and not in space. But rather to relieve all body weight on a crucial organ: our heart. For this, it is necessary to sleep on your back, and tobe in a “V”, like in a hammock : have the legs slightly raised (a pillow under the legs will do), the same for the head, and the trunk lower than these two parts.

Benefits on digestion, joints

At least that’s what Dr. Chris Winter explains to the Daily Mail, who states that it allows the body to be weightless. This posture would have other benefits, such as preserving our joints, so we avoid leaning on them and exerting pressure. Our shoulders and hips would live it better.

With the head slightly elevated by a cushion placed under the nape of the neck, we also ensure a good digestive position, especially on the side of the stomach, whose acid is kept in place and does not risk going up into the esophagus During the night. The neurologist, who specializes in sleep, also points out the benefits of this position for those who snore or suffer from poor blood circulation in the legs.

Source: Daily Mail

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