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Because an accident can happen quickly, the sports and manual medicine doctor Marc Rozenblat gives you his golden rules in terms of prevention to calmly tackle your small jobs.

Spring is now here, the days are getting warmer, and with them comes DIY cravings. Which is often necessary… but also very dangerous. There are thus more than 2 million hand accidents each year in France, and 30% are related to DIY »explains Marc Rozenblat.

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But how do you avoid getting seriously injured? By respecting the rules below.

  1. Make sure you are well vaccinated against tetanus.THE calendar changed explains the doctor. ” It is now necessary to renew the vaccine every ten years from the age of 65, because we tend to tinker a little more when we are retired, and every twenty years for the rest of the population. »
  2. Remember to unplug electrical appliances. When you’re not using them, of course, but also and above all ” when you clean them. This can be dangerous, especially for anything involving drills, electric saws, etc. » In addition, remember to leave the casings and other appropriate protection on your equipment.
  3. Be sure to read the instructions carefully. and the labels of the tools and other products you use. » The idea? Of course, avoid false manipulations and the accidents they can cause…
  4. Wear gloves suitable for your activity. Some are made for tinkering, others for gardening. A hand is never sufficiently protected.
  5. Avoid wearing jewelry, but above all try to have your rings split by a jeweler so that they jump in the event of a problem. ” The risk is that the whole finger is torn off because of a simple ring that clings to something. This is a case we see often. »
  6. Do not climb ladders (and therefore do not descend them either, editor’s note) with tools like hedge trimmers. A fall happens quickly, and it can be serious enough in itself not to aggravate the problem…

Finally, don’t go into a DIY session if you don’t feel up to it, and also remember to keep children away from your small or large construction sites. Here it is: let the work begin

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