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We all tend to bet on a sweet breakfast! However, in addition to being bad for our figure, this snack can be conducive to type 2 diabetes if it raises blood sugar too much. An English doctor shares his advice for cutting out sugar in the morning and replacing it with good fats!

THE Dr. Tim Spector, doctor and researcher at King’s College London (UK) has just spoken with the Dr Michael Mosley through a new podcast broadcast on the BBC about the breakfast.

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Particularly known for his nutritional advice, Dr. Michael Mosley is a British doctor, author of numerous scientific documentaries for the BBC.

Too many of us make the wrong choices at breakfast, point out the two doctors. And for good reason, our Western habits often involve very sweet snacks in the morning: pastries, spreads, jam, cereals… They contribute to raising the blood sugar which will have a real impact on the line.

In a new podcast, Just One Thingbroadcast on the BBC, Dr Michael Mosley and Dr Tim Spector have just shared several tips for better composing breakfast.

A sugary breakfast increases your risk of type 2 diabetes

Most of our breakfasts are rich in sugars. Doctors are not always an exception to the rule: Tim Spector explains that he was a fan of toast, jam and skim milk for years.

Turns out this diet has made me gain about a pound a year for the past 10 years, so I gained about 10 kg. And it wasn’t until I taped a glucometer on me while I was having breakfast that I noticed there was a problem: it hit the normal range for diabetes. “says the doctor.

The reason: the consumption of foods that are too sweet for breakfast. In addition to weight gain, a poor breakfast can promote THE Type 2 diabetes.

The explanation is simple. A sugary breakfast will make you crave sugar all day long and will not promote satiety. This is because your blood sugar spikes. Behind a peak there is a fall, so after hypoglycemia you will want to devour everything.

Today Tim Spector relies more on a breakfast rich in good fats, which excludes sugar. ” It is a radical difference. And I immediately saw my sugar level drop. I had no more blood sugar spikes. I was no longer hungry at 11 o’clock at work. I just felt better in general “, adds the expert.

Discover in pictures the breakfasts he recommends.

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