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Diabetes is a sneaky disease that can involve relatively silent symptoms. We think of fatigue and thirst, but there are other manifestations to be taken seriously. Watch your mouth!

THE Type 2 diabetes concerns 3.7 million patients in France. Conducive to very serious complications, it must be detected in time. This chronic, silent and painless disease, which is characterized by sugar levels (glucose) too high in the blood, is likely to reach the blood vessels and cause atherosclerosisa retinopathy diabetic (eye damage) or nephropathy (kidney disease).

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We speak of type 2 diabetes if there is resistance to insulin, which prevents the body from using glucose as an energy source. The latter accumulates in the blood and leads to hyperglycemia chronic. This chronic disease is constantly increasing.

If we often talk about thirst, fatigue and tremors to describe the symptoms, other less known manifestations should lead to consultation. A dentist Londoner has just alerted the British press to six visible symptoms in the mouth.

Diabetes: what symptoms should alert?

There are symptoms to pay attention to, warns the European Center for the Study of Diabetes. He cites tremors, paleness, sweating, mood swings, hunger, headaches, visual disturbances, drowsiness (signs hypoglycemia) but also the frequent need to urinate, extreme thirst, dry mouth and stomach aches (signs hyperglycemia).

In addition, Dr Rizwan Mahmood, dentist in London (UK), calls for patients at risk to be vigilant about the state of their blocked. It can help you detect diabetes earlier. ” If you notice anything, see your dentist or doctor “, he shares with our English colleagues from Sun.


This is inflammation of the gums and bones around your teeth “, said the specialist. Dr. Rizwan explains that people with diabetes are at a higher risk of gum disease.

dry mouth

Diabetes can cause dry mouth due to lack of saliva. Saliva helps control bacteria levels and removes acid around teeth and gums. ” This can put your gums at risk of inflammation from bacteria that live in plaque. “Alerts the dentist.

A fruity breath

A breath fruity may be another sign of illness. ” It’s called diabetic ketoacidosis, which is a dangerous and life-threatening condition in which your blood sugar is so high that it starts to turn acidic. “, explained the expert.

The dentist also warns patients who present swollen and red gums, cavities, tooth loss and mouth ulcers.

He adds that people affected by type 2 diabetes are three times more at risk for oral health problems. “ People with diabetes must pay particular attention to their oral hygiene because they are more exposed to periodontitis, infectious diseases where the inflammatory response destroys the tissues that support the teeth. “, indicates the French Federation of Diabetics.

Periodontal disease is considered the 6th complication diabetes. One in two diabetic patients has periodontal disease.

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