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An Indian company has created a blood test capable of detecting 25 cancers about 18 months before the tumor appears. A colossal advance for patients.

Currently, to make a diagnosis of cancer, doctors generally prescribe a biopsy, that is to say a sample taken from the potentially cancerous lesion. This technique (which therefore consists of removing and studying a fragment of tissue or organs such as the liver, prostate, skin, breast, etc.) is invasive and usually requires local anesthesia.

Good news: to help diagnose cancer, an Indian company (Epigeneres Biotech) has developed a blood test that would be able to detect 25 cancers – including breast cancer, lung cancer, colorectal cancer and pancreatic cancer.

Diagnose cancer 18 months before the appearance of the tumor

How it works ? The blood sample is carefully analyzed to identify stem cells which, in their DNA, contain biomarkers that may suggest cancer. Thanks to this advanced technology, the blood test developed by the Indian company would be able to diagnose the presence of cancer approximately 18 months before the appearance of the tumour… Enough to maximize the patient’s chances of survival.

This blood test was the subject of a clinical study conducted with 1000 volunteers (500 of them suffered from cancer); the results, very encouraging since no false negatives or false positives were recorded, were published at the beginning of 2023. This “cancer” test will now be deployed in several British health establishments, including the famous St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London.

Source : Stem Cells

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