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The 7th edition of the Défi d’Elles solidarity raid will take place from June 2 to 4 in the Bassin d’Arcachon. Launched in 2017, this committed sporting event brings together women ready to surpass themselves for a noble cause: the prevention of breast cancer.

Next weekend will take place the 7th edition of Défi d’Elles, a 100% female and solidarity raid for the benefit of the fight against breast cancer and environmental protection. The race will take place in the magnificent Bassin d’Arcachon, where its very first edition was held in 2017. It is also a homecoming for its founder Christelle Gauzet, former police officer and winner of Koh Lanta, who heart to defend the cause of women through this challenge.

The event will bring together 100 participants in pairs, who will take part in sporting events: mountain biking, trail running and for the first time a SwimRun (sport alternating running and swimming). Défi d’Elles is above all a human adventure with values ​​of solidarity, sharing but also of self-transcendence ! ” We are committed to encouraging women to get involved in our sporting challenges in order to restore their confidence and strength in all their daily challenges. Raid after raid, we prove that women are capable of achieving great and beautiful things. says Christelle Gauzet.

Like every year, part of the profits are donated to the Keep A Breast association which acts for the prevention of breast cancer, in particular thanks to a application to learn self-examination.

Preserving the environment is also at the heart of the Défi d’Elles concept, which tends to be as eco-responsible as possible: no plastic, use of recycled materials for race signage and waste collection.

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