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Caroline Receveur has just announced to her fans that she has breast cancer. If the star preferred to remain silent, she admits today that she can no longer face this ordeal in secret. The influencer was diagnosed two months ago.

Caroline Receiver, social media star, shares everything with her fans. However, when she was diagnosed with a breast cancer two months ago, she preferred to remain silent. Today, she confides that this secret weighs on her. It is with a message full of hope that she reveals her illness to her audience today. ” Enjoy! Life is short and unpredictable “, she recalls.

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Good news: breast cancer kills less and less

The influencer is on her second cycle of chemotherapy. She mentions a aggressive breast cancer, but detected at an early stage “.

She reassures her fans by evoking a ” programmed healing in my head and in my body “.

“I lost my taste for food and a bit of life too”

A week after receiving his second cycle of chemotherapy, my body (and my mind) is dehydratedshares Caroline Receveur. I feel empty, I have lost my taste for food and a bit of life too. I’m in the waiting room, I crack… “.

Indeed, the side effects of chemotherapy are many. If we often talk about nausea and hair loss, the treatment can also reduce appetite by altering the taste of certain foods.

If the star hoped to be able to keep her illness a secret, she finally chose to give it up. ” I who thought I could keep this secret, I can’t do it anymore. This desired loneliness to face this ordeal alone finally cuts me off from the rest of the world and adds a weight to my daily life… this daily life punctuated by going back and forth to the hospital since the announcement of my breast cancer two months ago. “.

Fortunately for her, Caroline Receveur can count on the support of her husband, Hugo Philip, with whom she shares her life. ” The strength, love and unfailing optimism of @hugophilip makes me approach each step with more lightness and laughter. I’m in good hands, I trust, I’m surrounded by the people I love “, adds the star.

Breast cancer before the age of 40: what are the risks?

Breast cancer remains the most common cancer in women, but you should know that it can also affect men (in 1% of cases). During his life, nearly one in eight women will face breast cancer.

This disease most often occurs around the age of 60. However, younger women can also be affected, as is the case of Caroline Receveur. Approximately 10% of breast cancer cases occur in women under the age of 35 and nearly 20% before age 50.

There is indeed a form of breast cancer that can affect younger women: it is the triple negative breast cancer. However, we are not able to confirm that it is this form for Caroline Receveur.

Triple-negative breast cancer accounts for approximately 10 to 15% of breast cancers. It involves a high risk of early metastatic relapse due to the aggressive nature of these tumors, their partial response to chemotherapy and the absence of a therapeutic target, making it possible to propose a specific treatment.

The earlier the cancer is detected, the more likely you are to be cured. The appearance of a ballof a size in the breast, under an arm (armpit) or pain is one of the symptoms common when breast cancer develops. Pay attention to this type of symptom and do not wait until you are 50 to practice self-examination.

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