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It is a fact. The health of your heart is directly linked to the content of your plate! To help people make better choices at the start of the day, two cardiologists shared with the American press the foods they banish for breakfast. Insight.

THE cardiovascular illnesses cause approximately 140,000 deaths each year in France. From complications the most serious are heart attacks and strokes.

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It is possible to prevent heart disease by acting on lifestyle. Starting with your plate! Diet has a huge impact on your heart health.

We know that age, sex and family history may play a role in the onset of heart disease, but the influence of the way of life. Focus on good habits – especially in terms offeed – will be your best weapon.

To help people make better choices, two cardiologists Americans shared with the press their breakfast habits. What foods should be limited? Preferred ? Top Health enlightens you.

The Mediterranean diet would be the best way to protect your heart

If you want to adopt a diet in accordance with the needs of your heart, you can take inspiration from the diet Mediterranean. Numerous studies have identified it as the best way to protect the heart. He was also elected best diet in the world in 2023, for the sixth consecutive year by the US News & World Report.

And for good reason, the Mediterranean diet includes ideal fat, olive oil, wheat for energy intake, seafood (fatty fish such as sardines, tuna, sea bass, sea bream, anchovies, etc.), vegetables, legumes and fruit. Mediterraneans eat seasonal fruits and especially citrus fruits (orange, mandarin, lemon, editor’s note) and grapes.

It is beneficial for the arteries thanks to its high in omega 3 and in polyphenols. They give the diet its longevity and anti-aging character.

What does a heart healthy breakfast look like?

Back to breakfast. If our Western habits push us to opt for comfort foods in the morning, it is not to please our arteries.

Many people are pressed for time in the morning and usually crave comfort foods like pastries, processed cereals, and candy bars. said Dr. Andrew Freeman, director of the cardiovascular department. prevention and well-being at the National Jewish Health in Denver (USA), with our colleagues from TODAY.

It’s okay if you don’t feel hungry in the morning and decide to skip breakfast, as long as it suits your body.

However, if you take the time to eat, bet on heart-healthy menu. People who follow this recommendation find that they start off on the best foot and feel better, healthier and more energetic during the day “Says Dr. Susan Cheng, professor of cardiology and director of public health research at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles (USA).

The two experts notably advise the oatmeal for their fiber, vitamin and mineral content. Studies have already linked them to better regulation of cholesterol and weight, which will impact cardiovascular health.

THE smoothies made with fresh vegetables and fruits high in fiber are also recommended by doctors.

Finally, Dr. Andrew Freeman admits setting his sights on a avocado toast with wholemeal bread. Studies have already confirmed the link between avocado and lowering cholesterol. Be careful though, this fruit is not devoid of calories.

In one small piece of toast, you have enough calories and food to last until lunch and feel good. “says the cardiologist.

On the contrary, some foods can harm your heart. Cardiologists shared the 5 foods they avoid in the morning. Top Santé reviews them in slideshow !

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