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The Women’s Heart Bus offered free heart exams to women in precarious situations. On the night of June 28 to 29, in a context of urban violence, it was deliberately set on fire. In total, 350,000 euros worth of medical equipment went up in smoke. The association Agir pour le cœur des femmes is calling today for donations to be able to continue to improve women’s health.

We are very moved and totally upset this morning after the fire of the Bus du Coeur des Femmes last night in Bobigny (93). Even if we are still reeling from the total destruction of the Women’s Heart Bus, there is no question of giving up. We are already looking to the future “, shared Claire Mounier-Vehier, cardiologist and co-founder of the association Acting for the hearts of women.

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Bus du Coeur des Femmes: free screening for cardiovascular disease in Paris

With the Women’s Heart Bus, the aim was to enable all women to benefit fromexams And free heart screenings.

Cardiovascular diseases have become in 30 years the first cause of mortality in women, with 200 deaths per day In France. Hence the importance of taking action and detecting these pathologies. The Women’s Heart Bus is the largest cardiovascular prevention operation for women in France. It allowed cardio-gynecological screening for women in a situation of vulnerability.

There night of June 28 to 29, 2023in a context of urban violence, a fire volunteer destroyed the bus and all the medical equipment it contained. The facts took place during his stage in Bobigny. Namely that the bus traveled the whole of France.

Call for donations: the Women’s Heart Bus needs you

The fire caused €350,000 in damage and the loss of 800 medical files. Consultation cabins, flocking, chairs, tables…) but also electrocardiograms, auto-tensiometers, examination table and all the medical equipment necessary for screening…went up in smoke.

Today, the association calls on donations to help women take care of their health again.

To put the bus back on the road and meet the women who are waiting for us from mid-September, we need your support. You can help us in two ways: first by making a donation with this link https://lnkd.in/eFkNgffC ; then by sharing this message as widely as possible to maximize its dissemination », adds Claire Mounier-Vehier.

A jackpot was put online to raise 350,000 euros to create a new bus.

With 100,000€, we put a bus back on the road, with 200,000€, we can buy a trailer to accommodate more women, with 300,000€, we can re-equip our bus, our trailer and start again “as before” “, shares the association.

This device made it possible to detect nearly 5,000 women per year. To make a donation, go to https://lnkd.in/eFkNgffC

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