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Every 2 years, women between the ages of 50 and 74 are invited to have a free screening mammogram for breast cancer. But they are less than 48% to respond to the invitation and to be tested.

With nearly 60,000 new cases and 12,000 deaths per year, breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in France and the leading cause of cancer death. This is why women between the ages of 50 and 74 receive an invitation every two years for a free screening mammogram and clinical breast examination.

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But this organized breast cancer screening is shunned by more than one in two women. The latest figures, forgotten today by Public Health France, indicate that during the year 2022, 2.4 million women underwent an organized screening mammogram, which corresponds to a national participation rate of 44.9% (it was 50.6% in 2021). And by smoothing the participation rate over the two years 2021-2022, we arrive at 47.7%.

A lower participation in Ile-de-France and in the South-East

Over the period 2021-2022, participation at regional level varies from 21.2% in Guyana to 55.3% in Pays de la Loire, the region with the highest rate. Very low participation is observed in Ile-de-France, in the South-East and in Corsica.

“However, by participating in organized screening, this makes it possible to detect a possible anomaly or cancer at an early stage and thus increase the chances of recovery” underline the health authorities.

What is organized breast cancer screening?

Screening includes a clinical breast examination performed by the radiologist and two x-rays per breast (frontal and external oblique), plus an additional x-ray if necessary, as well as a second systematic reading in the event of a normal examination.

You choose your radiologist from the list slipped into the invitation letter. If the examination reveals no anomaly in the 1st or 2nd reading, it will be proposed to renew it within two years. In the event of an anomaly being detected, appropriate monitoring will be proposed.

It should be noted that this examination is covered as part of third-party payment, therefore without advance payment.

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