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Do you want to try melatonin “gummies” to sleep well? Warning: according to a new American study, these food supplements are sometimes incorrectly dosed…

You couldn’t have missed it: at the moment, the fashion is for “gummies”, these food supplements which come in the form of chewing gum – a bit like the gummy bears of our childhood…

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Yes, but here it is: if gummies look like candy, they still have a real impact on health. It is therefore necessary to consume them with caution!

Precisely: researchers from the University of Mississippi (in the United States) have reviewed 25 brands of “gummies” formulated with melatonin available on the internet. First info: out of 25 products tested, only 3 contained (about) as much melatonin as indicated on the packaging. The other “gummies” contained between 74% and 347% (!) of the advertised melatonin level.

Melatonin, especially not for children!

Second info: of the 5 products that announced that they contained CBD, the actual rate was (by far) higher than the rate announced on the packaging. One of the “gummies” even contained CBD without indicating it in the list of ingredients…

If you need melatonin to sleep well, ask your doctor for advice: do not buy food supplements on the internet. In addition, do not be fooled by the “candy” aspect of the gummies which may contain toxic substances or incorrectly dosed products.“therefore recommend the American researchers.

They also recall that melatonin is not intended for children: “in the United States, between 2012 and 2021, the number of hospitalizations for accidental ingestion of melatonin increased by 530%; these “candies” increase the risk!

Source : JAMA

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