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France is facing an upsurge in bed bugs. Visible to the naked eye, they feed on blood and can sting up to 90 times in a single night, causing sometimes unbearable itching. Travel is sometimes conducive to their proliferation. Top Santé shares with you the keys to protect yourself against it.

These parasites had disappeared from circulation since the 1950s in France. However, the popularization of trips international standards and resistance to insecticides have enabled Bedbugs to reappear on our territory.

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What to do against bed bugs?

THE Bedbugs are parasitic insects that live in the dark, in dark spaces. Bedrooms and living rooms with sofas are mainly affected. In case of infestation of a dwelling, it is necessary to carry out strict measures to limit their proliferation until elimination. “, indicates the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Anyone can be affected by bed bugs. And especially during holiday periods. User manual for recognize and the avoid.

How to recognize bedbugs?

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye : these parasites have the size of a apple seed and are usually brown. They don’t jump or fly.

Bed bugs feed on blood and can survive several months without feeding. They can prick up to 90 times in a single night, causing itching and irritations on the skin. ” Their development is rapid and it is therefore important to intervene as soon as possible in the event of an appearance, in order to avoid the extent of the infestation as much as possible. “Warns the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

At home, you can observe their droppings to identify them: – small black dots can be seen on the mattresses, slats or slots in the bed base, wood of the bed, baseboards, corners of the walls… Bedbugs live mainly in the bedroom to sleep. They flee light and take shelter in dark, narrow and inaccessible places.

While bedbugs often hide in the bed, they can also be found in canapesunder the carpetTHE cracks and the parquet cracks or even in the picture frames and the electrical outlets.

Bites do not transmit disease

To recognize bites on your skin, know that they look like mosquito bites and occur especially at night, when bed bugs are active. ” These bites can be grouped together by 3 or 4 on the skin, sometimes in a row, and are generally located on the uncovered parts of the body (face, hands, arms, legs). They do not transmit disease but can cause severe itching or even allergic reactions (urticaria) “, specify the authority.

The right steps to prevent the proliferation of bed bugs

At home, be sure to avoid cluttering spaces to reduce the number of places bedbugs can hide. If you buy second hand clothes, wash them at 60°C if possible. If they don’t go in the washing machine, freeze them for 75 hours. If you buy flea market furniture for example, clean them with a specialized heat device (available for rent).

On vacation at the hotel, do not put your luggage on the bed. Store them in a luggage rack and leave them closed when not in use. Do not put your clothes on the bed or in the cupboards before examining them.

When you arrive in a hotel room, check the bed (mattresses, zippers, seams, upholstery, padding behind and around the headboard. Also take a look at the furniture and walls.

The bed bug hunt doesn’t stop there. Returning from a trip, some good gestures to keep in mind:

– Check that there are no bed bugs in the luggage, never put them on beds or armchairs or nearby;

– Take out the clothes and examine your personal effects;

-Wash clothing and fabric items in hot water (if possible at 60°), whether they have been worn or not;

-Heat non-washable fabric items in the dryer on the highest setting possible for 30 minutes;

– Vacuum the suitcases. Immediately dispose of the vacuum bag in a tightly closed plastic bag.

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