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Now listed as a UNESCO heritage site, the French baguette still arouses small debates. The habit of the “not overcooked” baguette remains deeply rooted. However, there are still lovers of “well done”. From a nutritional point of view, do these nuances matter? Our answers.

Bread lovers fall into several categories. Lovers of white, cooked or well-cooked baguettes. At first sight one could say that a baguette remains bread and that there is no difference. And yet! In general, the well-done baguette has a head start in terms of benefits.

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It has a little caramelized side, which implies a more pronounced taste. In addition, it will dry less quickly. But nutritionally what differs from one to another and therefore which one to favor?

Already, we eliminate overcooked baguettes, even scorched! “A food that turns brown produces acrylamide. The longer the cooking time, the more this substance is formed. But there are many suspicions about her. In particular a carcinogenic risk among others ” warns Corinne Fernandez dietitian nutritionist in Paris.

Regarding uncooked or undercooked baguettes, or even soft bread, interest is also limited. ” The softer the bread, the less you chew. And if you don’t chew a lot, you digest much less easily. We can therefore suffer from bloating among other digestive disorders. ” emphasizes the specialist.

The ideal is therefore the in-between, namely the baguette with a beautiful blond caramel-coloured crust. ” The bread will keep better this way and will force us to exercise our teeth and jaws. Which means that what happens in our stomach is a porridge, and the more a food is reduced to porridge, the more it facilitates digestion and transit. “says Corinne Fernandez.

In addition, gluten sensitivity will be less with heavy chewing. For those who can do without a baguette but who remain bread lovers, it is better to bet on a good natural sourdough bread. ” It is a bread that also requires chewing effort, therefore limiting the risk of bloating. Which often happens with the classic baguette. It is also very satiating and thus helps to avoid cravings. adds the expert. Very useful keys to make the best choices at your bakery.

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