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Do you have back pain? It is not a fatality! Lumbago, sciatica, herniated disc… No matter what form they take, back pain can be debilitating on a daily basis. Do you know that the lumbar support belt can help you relieve your pain while being adapted to your lifestyle?

Repetitive gestures at work, false movements during a move, bad posture for gardening, muscle tension accumulated by stress, pregnancy… the causes of back pain are multiple and concern (almost) all of us. According to ameli.fr “84% of people have had, have or will have low back pain”.

If physical activity is the best ally of healing, it can also be accompanied by wearing a lumbar support belt.

How does the lumbar support belt relieve your back?

By supporting the lower back, the lumbar belt secures and limits extreme movements of the spine. A true guide, it compensates for temporary imbalances. With it, you adopt a posture adapted to your well-being. It also reduces the fear of pain and therefore muscle contraction.

Contrary to some popular belief, the lumbar belt does not “melt” the back muscles. They continue to work below the belt.

Orliman® belts, your allies in all circumstances!

Discreet, resistant, versatile… our lumbar support belts adapt to your rhythm of life. Whether you sit at the desk, stand up all day or do DIY, they’re easy to wear every day. They relieve your back during painful periods, but can also be used for prevention or in the event of a relapse. Find the belt that best suits your needs and expectations.

Orliman®, specialist in orthopedic solutions, takes care of your back and your mobility. Visit orliman.fr to discover our range of lumbar support belts.

Lumbar support belts are medical devices. Read the instructions in the leaflet carefully before use. If in doubt, consult a healthcare professional. These medical devices are regulated health products which bear, under this regulation, the CE marking according to EU regulation 2017/745. Manufacturer: Orliman® SLU Valence (Spain) – Distributor: SM Europe / Orliman® – 20, La Herbetais – 35520 La Mézière. Such. : 02 99 66 41 41 – orliman@orliman.fr – www.orliman.fr.

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