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Experts explain that the window seat can present some risks to human health (if you fly a lot).

Recently, a Tiktokeuse, Finding Fiona, warned of the need to put on sunscreen before flying. The idea seems absurd: who has ever sunburned while traveling on the window side, even for long hours? And yet, according to a dermatologist interviewed by the Huffington Post, this position on the plane is not completely without risk. Explanations.

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In fact, you won’t get sunburned, even if you sleep ten hours in a row with your head glued to the airplane window. And that’s simply because the portholes are designed to block UVB rays. But doctor Elizabeth Jones reminds us that these are not the only types of rays that can harm our skin…

Put on sunscreen before the trip

There is also UVA rays, which can reach us, mainly with old glazing, which only managed to filter them at 50% (against some recent ones which are able to protect us from it at 100%). Moreover, a study published in 2015 in the journal JAMA Network pointed out that airline pilots were more at risk of skin cancer due to their exposure to these types of rays during flight hours, as were the personnel. of crew.

If you only fly occasionally, the dermatologist explains that the risks are very low. But if you often travel at altitude in front of a window (by plane, but not only!), it is better to wear anti-UVA and anti-UVB sunscreen to protect against premature aging of the skin and possible melanomas.

Source: Huffington Post

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