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A decree published this Saturday announces an increase in the remaining charge for scheduled medical transport. What does that mean exactly?

This Saturday, May 20, 2023, a decree was published in the Official Journal: shortly, the coverage by Health Insurance of “non-emergency medical transport“will drop from 65% to around 50%.

The participation of the insured persons in the costs relating to medical transport“(which today is between 30% and 40%) will increase”shortly [jusqu’] at a rate of 45% to 55%“.

This decision (opposed by complementary health insurance) will make it possible to finance another measure, put in place since January 1, 2023: 100% coverage of private ambulances sent at the request of the Samu. An additional cost of 70 million euros per year, according to the impact study of the 2023 Social Security budget.

An increase that will be covered by mutual and complementary health insurance

Who is affected by this decree? This reduction in reimbursement specifically concerns scheduled ambulance transport: urgent transport (for example: when the Samu sends an ambulance to a patient) and transport of exempted persons (these are chronically ill patients, patients on ALD, pregnant women , invalids, etc.) are not affected by this measure.

Are we going to have to pay more for our ambulance journeys? On average, the remaining charge for a scheduled ambulance journey will effectively drop from 20 euros today to 25 euros. But for the vast majority of French people, this increase will not change anything since it will be covered by mutuals, insurance and other provident institutions. Phew!

Source :Official newspaper

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