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Daily strawberry consumption has been associated with improved cognitive function according to a clinical trial presented at the Nutrition 2023 Annual Meeting, held by the American Society of Nutrition. Thanks to its antioxidant capacity, this red fruit would also be valuable for regulating blood pressure.

You like them strawberries ? Do not deprive yourself ! This red fruit stuffed withantioxidants would be a good weapon to fight against cognitive decline according to a new study presented at the annual meeting devoted to food -Nutrition 2023- held by the American Society of Nutrition. The study was conducted by San Diego State University (USA).

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Not only would the strawberry be associated with better cognitive function but also to a lower blood pressure.

This is not the first time that berries have been highlighted in the fight against cognitive decline. Their powerful antioxidants make them good weapons against Alzheimer’s disease. They fight against oxidative stress. The latter affects collagen, contributes to wrinkles but also to cancers and other diseases related to aging. Foods rich in antioxidants are therefore regularly recommended by doctors and nutritionists.

Cognitive decline, tension, waistline… Strawberries can be eaten daily!

The study was conducted with 35 men and women in good health aged 66 to 78. Some were led to consume 26 grams of freeze-dried strawberry powder (the equivalent of two servings of strawberries per day), others consumed a placebo powder for 8 weeks.

Among strawberry consumers, cognitive processing speed was increased by 5.2% and blood pressure has decreased by 3.6%. Their waistline also decreased by 1.1%.

This study shows that the consumption of strawberries can promote cognitive function and improve cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertensionsaid Shirin Hooshmand, a professor at San Diego State’s School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and the study’s lead researcher. We are encouraged that a simple dietary change, such as adding strawberries to the daily diet, can improve these outcomes in older adults. “.

We remind you that strawberries are able to provide 100% of our daily needs in vitamin Cand contain heart-healthy nutrients like folate, potassium, fiber, phytosterols and polyphenols.

Previous studies have already established that strawberries can improve cardiovascular health, in particular by reducing cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure.

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