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With the heat and the summer comes swimming… And all the microbial delights that quietly lodge in the water that you are going to frequent.

Some swimming immediately strikes us as a bad idea. You wouldn’t wade in an abandoned swimming pool of stagnant mud-smelling water, or in a pond in the middle of the forest, lest you come out with a few unhygienic surprises. But did you know that in the turquoise sea, the bright blue pool and the seemingly clean lake are also nestled many microbial delights?

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Bathing water quality in 2021

This is particularly what an article published on the Ars Technica website recalls, according to an advertising campaign by the Virginia Department of Health: chlorine is not immediately effective against bacteria, germs can survive in a swimming pool… for several days ! So as a reminder, do not drink the water in which you bathe.

Not to mention that the water you bathe in this summer will surely contain the poo of a child who couldn’t hold it back, but also sunscreen, sweatspit loaded with microbes, not to mention the hair and all those hands that will have dabbled in it after collecting 5 million microbes…

Sources: Ars Technica, Bathing health.gouv

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Hair full of germs
More basic, but not much more appetizing: the water you splash in this summer will be full of lost hair. A CDC prevention campaign in the United States estimates that they alone bring about 10 million germs!

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The seaweeds
If all algae are not harmful to health, the government site notes all the same: “In sea water as in fresh water, the conditions of sunshine and temperature, but also the composition of the water , can promote the proliferation of microscopic algae (phytoplankton or planktonic algae) which are responsible for phenomena of “coloured” green, red or brown water. Among these algae, some generate toxins which, at certain concentrations, can cause disorders of health, the severity of which varies according to the species of algae present.”

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Sweat tanks
We often bathe because we are hot… And in fact, part of the water in which you bathe is in fact perspiration, underlines the CDC, which estimates that in a swimming pool (not private) we would find the equivalent of one or two cans of soda.

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Body products
Before going for a swim, we apply sunscreen and other cosmetic lotions. Do not drink the bathing water where the remains of a whole Sephora department float…

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pee and poo
In a swimming pool, the CDC mentions that there can be poop, and that each child would bring with him the equivalent of 4 poop coins. Feces are particularly rich in microbes: 140 billion sums up the press release. About a cup of pee would complete this happy cocktail.

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