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A new British study encourages people in their 60s to move as much as possible during the day to boost their well-being.

We say it, we repeat it, we hammer it: physical activity is excellent for health, both physical and mental. A new study, carried out by the University of Cambridge (in England), is precisely interested in the impact of physical activity on the well-being of people aged 60 and over.

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For 6 years, British researchers followed a group of 1,433 sexagenarians: they were regularly asked to complete questionnaires on their physical activity and their well-being.

Fewer mood disorders, less anxiety, less pain…

Result ? First info: in the space of 6 years, the men and women participating in the study lost about 24 minutes of physical activity per day; conversely, the “sedentary time” (during which the volunteers were sitting or lying down, therefore) increased by + 33 minutes for men and + 38 minutes for women.

Perhaps more interestingly, the scientists found that the most active 60-year-olds were also those who reported the highest “well-being rates” – in other words, they were less anxious, had fewer mood disorders, felt less pain and had better self-esteem than the most sedentary participants.

No ideas for increasing your daily physical activity time? British researchers make some suggestions for people aged 60 and over: gardening (planting bulbs, mowing the lawn, trimming trees…), brisk walking (at least 20 minutes, in the neighborhood for example ), cycling (to get bread or go shopping), dancing (great for fighting isolation) or even tennis (there is no age limit for getting started!).

Source : Health and Quality of Life Outcomes

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