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Summer marks the great return of ticks! To find out about their activity in your region (and protect yourself as best as possible), there is now an official website.

Ticks are “the” great scourge of summer. These mites proliferate in wooded areas, in meadows, in parks and even in our gardens. A tick bite can have serious consequences: if we think of Lyme disease, of course, this parasite can also transmit viral encephalitis or hemorrhagic fever, to humans and their pets.

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Ticks are unfortunately present throughout France. To follow their activity, you can now connect to the CiTique-Tracker website. Powered by data collected by the National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRAE), this official platform makes it possible to “better understand the ecology of ticks and the pathogens they can transmit through their bite, and improve prevention“.

Protect yourself against ticks when walking in the forest

An example ? In the Grand Est region, between January and April 2023, nearly 11,500 tick bites were recorded (including 9,500 on humans). The bites mainly occurred in the forest (71% of cases), during “leisure activities” (walking, sports session, etc.), in adults aged around thirty.

Interesting statistics since they make it possible to better anticipate tick bites: in the Grand Est region, you must therefore be extra vigilant when you go for a walk in the forest. If one finds (in pharmacies) “anti-tick” repellent sprays, the best prevention measures consist in wearing long and tight clothing at the extremities (ankles and wrists) and not venturing off the marked paths. And when you get home, a general inspection is in order – not to mention wrinkles, scalp and pets!

Source :INRAE

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