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In Mexico, a 40-year-old woman was forced to perform her own cesarean delivery to save the life of her baby. Warning, moving story…

It looks like a nightmare, yet it is reality. The story takes place in Mexico, in a small mountain village located about 80 kilometers from the first hospital.

Ines Ramirez Perez is 40 years old and she will soon give birth to her seventh child: the contractions have lasted for almost 12 hours. The forties is alone at home, and more and more worried: she knows that her baby should already be born, he is necessarily in pain.

Ines has already lost a child, who died in utero: she is ready to do anything not to relive this trauma. The mother-to-be therefore takes a radical decision: she is going to give birth all alone, at home, by cesarean section.

Today mother and child are well

Ines takes a few sips of strong alcohol and lies down on a bench in her kitchen. Using a meat knife, she cuts 17 centimeters in her lower abdomen: at the cost of unspeakable pain, she manages to open her uterus, take out her baby, cut the umbilical cord. .. before passing out from pain. The “surgery” will have lasted nearly an hour.

Several hours after giving birth, Ines is discovered unconscious by one of her sons. Panicked, the child immediately went to look for a carer in the village: after stitching up the gash, he drove for two hours in the mountains to take Ines to the hospital.

Today, Ines and her seventh child (named Orlando) are doing well. “This case, unique in the medical literature, illustrates well how women can be capable of extreme acts to protect their children, sometimes at the risk of their own lives.“analyze the doctors who reported this story. Hats off, madam!

Source : International journal of gynecology and obstetrics

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