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Food plays an essential role in hair growth and the slightest deficiency can weaken it. Small changes in your eating habits can bring strength and vitality to your hair. Top Santé takes stock with Dr. Paul Dupont, dermatologist.

Between hormones (pregnancy, menopause) and external aggressions (hair products, tight hairstyles), women’s hair can be weakened and lose density. There are many supposedly miracle products out there. But to bring your hair back to life, start by reviewing your diet.

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To stimulate hair follicles and thus hair growth, a constant supply of protein and some nutrients. This is why, in the event of a deficiency, the effects are often visible: the hair follicle not being an essential structure, the nutrients are used for other functions of the organism.

What are the nutrients to focus on to strengthen your hair?

Doctor Paul Dupont, dermatologist and former head of endocrinology and nutrition clinic, explains the role of vitamins and trace elements but also the signs of a deficiency:

  • THE protein participate in the production of keratin, the main component of nails and hair.
  • THE iron plays a role in the oxygenation of hair follicles and allows the growth of healthy hair. A lack of iron can explain hair problems. “It is hair loss that should make you think about it, especially if it is associated with another sign: brittle, flat, sometimes concave nails. To this is generally added physical fatigue, the intensity of which is truly proportional to the degree of iron deficiency. This fatigue is both physical and moral. explains the dermatologist.
  • THE silicon. “Nails, skin and hair need silicon to maintain their integrity, cohesion and tone.“.
  • There vitamin A is essential for hair growth. It also participates in the production of sebum.
  • THE B vitamins.There vitamin B5 is essential for all cellular life, […] it promotes tissue activity, especially of the skin, hair and mucous membranes, in association with zinc“In case of deficiency, “ the hair becomes oily and tends to fall on the frontal and temporo-occipital regions. In more advanced cases, the deficiency is marked by growth disorders, depigmentation of body hair and hair “. There biotin (vitamin B8 or H) is often found in hair care. “This vitamin is considered very important for hair regrowth“. If intake is insufficient, “hair falls out excessively, is dry at the ends and oily at the roots“. In the event of pregnancy, a supply of biotin could help prevent hair loss.
  • There vitamin C found in many fruits and vegetables. It facilitates the absorption of iron by the body. Brittle hair can be caused by a lack of vitamin C.

To know : gentle steaming allows better preserve the nutrients of vegetablesespecially the B vitamins.


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