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Pain is the reason for two out of three medical consultations. Women are even less spared since 75% of them suffer from it or have suffered from it.

As the referring physicians of the deuxiemeavis.fr site point out, during a survey on pain carried out by OpinionWay: “today, relieving the patient’s pain is just as important as supporting him in his illness” . Because this survey reveals that 71% of French people have already been confronted with intense pain. The survey also reveals significant disparities between men and women: the latter are more exposed to pain than men, while being more resistant to it.

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Women and pain: received ideas

“There is an ideological response to the strongest female tolerance to suffering. Menstruation would be a painful ordeal which participates in this ideological tolerance, as well as pregnancy and the biblical notion of childbirth in pain”, explains the sociologist Ronan Chastellier.

People under 24 particularly affected

If we logically expect to suffer from various pains as we age, the survey shows that young people are far from being spared. In effect, 79% of 18-24 year olds have experienced intense physical pain at least once.

“This figure surprised us a lot,” shares Pauline d’Orgeval, co-founder and president of deuxiemeavis.fr. “This high proportion can be explained by the fact that this age group is often exposed to situations at risk and practicing dangerous and extreme sports.

“This high figure is also explained because the Covid has been extremely complicated for young people and has brought great distress to some, and finally because we can imagine that there are still pains linked to the periods.

It’s the back that hurts us the most

Yes, according to this survey, the French are really “full of it”. More than 1 in 2 people between the ages of 35 and 49 consider that back problems are among the least well managed daily pains. Among the pains that the respondents consider the least well treated:

  • Period and back pain: 44%
  • Headaches: 28%
  • Rheumatism: 25%
  • Toothache: 18%
  • Stomach pain: 15%

Source : Opinion Way survey for deuxiemeavis.fr, June 2023

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