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Just because you slathered on sunscreen during exposure doesn’t mean you can do without after-sun milk! When returning from the beach, it is essential to rehydrate the skin if it has been exposed to the sun. Top Santé shares a selection of products to pamper you.

Sun protection is one of the essentials to put in your suitcase… just as much as the after sun milk ! Even if you wear sunscreen, your skin is dried out by the sun. It is then important to fix and some rehydrate after exposure.

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To keep a nice tan but above all to take care of your skin, apply the after-sun milk after having taken a shower. The products moisturize a cleansed skin better. There are always residues of sunscreen, perspiration, salt or sand on the skin.

Remember, however, the body can only withstand a limited amount of UV throughout its life. Beyond that, the risks of premature aging and especially of skin cancer increase considerably.

After-sun milks are enriched with repairing and antioxidant active ingredients

Not just any milk is suitable for nourishing skin after sun exposure. If your balms will do you good all year round, you have to bet on an after-sun milk following exposure to the sun. Only specialized after-sun products repair the skin and prolong the tan. They are enriched with active ingredients repairers And antioxidants and also contain a moisturizing and lipid-replenishing base. Enough to allow the epidermis to recover more quickly and limit damage at the cellular level.

Your holidays in the sun are approaching? Writing Top Health has prepared a selection of after-sun milks for you that will help you rehydrate your skin and enhance your tan after exposure. Please note, these treatments do not exempt you from sun protection during exposure. Preview in pictures!

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2/7 –

Mixa After-Sun Soothing Gel
Immediately soothes and refreshes the skin after sun exposure without feeling oily.
€9.30 for 200ml

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3/7 –

Ideal Soleil Vichy After-Sun Soothing Milk
A fragrant milky texture that intensely soothes and hydrates.
16€ for 300ml

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4/7 –

Posthelios After-sun – ROCHE POSAY LA ROCHE POSAY
La Roche Posay Posthelios repairing milk after-sun care is specially formulated for sensitive and overheated skin.
13€ for 200ml

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5/7 –

Lea Nature CICA Balm
Formulated with a trio of organic essential oils: Cistus ladaniferous, True Lavender and Immortelle associated with organic Aloe vera and organic Rosehip. Promotes the repair of damaged and weakened skin.
€10.10 for a 75ml tube

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6/7 –

Rich repairing body balm ++ Skin Minute
Intensely nourishes all skin types, even the driest. Promotes cell renewal.
By Body Minute
16, 40€ for 500ml

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7/7 –

After-Sun Refreshing Jelly – Face & Body Clarins
A melting jelly that comforts all skin from sun damage after exposure to beautify it and make your tan last.
€29.50 for 150ml

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