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The sunbathing season is officially open! But before you want to bask on the deckchair, make sure you have well armed your skin. In addition to sunscreen at the time of exposure, it is important to review your beauty routine a few days before. Discover our best selection!

Are you about to treat yourself to a sunny break? There’s no better time than summer to get tanned skin. Remember, however, to be careful! The sun does not wish you well. Top Santé takes stock of the good reflexes for a skin tanned without sunburn and gives you its selection of the best treatments to prepare your skin.

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Sunscreen: index 50, the best choice

The most important thing before any exposure: the Solar cream. Yes, we repeat it every year. However, few holidaymakers put on enough.

First of all, we consider that a sunscreen is protective if its index reaches 30. The best choice turns out to be index 50. The higher it is, the greater the protective action of the cream.

Then, to cover the entire body surface, you would have to put 50 ml… so a whole jar of cream! Because no screen is total. And especially because sunscreen is a false friend. We tend to believe we are protected once we have applied it, but we are not totally protected becausewe don’t put it everywhere.

Few of you smear your soles with feet. However, when you find yourself lying flat on your stomach, this area is exposed to the sun. It is no coincidence that the skin cancer often manifests itself in the feet, alerts us to Dr. Paul Dupont, dermatologist.

The frequent mistake is also to believe that you are protected all day, but even if you choose a cream with SPF 50, it is important to apply several times a day.

We recall that the excess ofUVA and UVB exposure is the leading cause of skin cancer. ” It therefore seems essential to protect yourself from excessive sun exposure throughout your life to limit these risks. “, warns the French Society of Dermatology.

3 tips to arm your skin before sun exposure

If sun protection during exposure is essential, preparing your skin for the sun is just as important. Start by opting for scrubs.

Before exposure to the sun, plan a body scrub once a week. This will allow you to prepare the epidermis and detoxify it for an optimal tan. It will also save you from peeling.

Additionally, while it is always recommended tomoisturize the skin regularly to delay aging, this advice counts double if you are about to expose yourself to the sun. Hydrate your skin deeply – face and body – every day, the week before sunbathing.

You can also prepare your skin with food supplements. Some bring to your body what it lacks to fight more effectively against the aggressions of the sun. This advice is particularly valid for fair skin for three to four times a week before the start of the shows. Be careful, they do not replace sunscreen! Ask your doctor for advice before taking supplements.

Your holidays in the sun are fast approaching? The Top Santé editorial staff has prepared you a selection of products which should help you arm your skin before. Please note, these treatments do not exempt you from sun protection during exposure. Preview in pictures!

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2/7 –

Ideal cream in summer against atopic dermatitis. Soothes and reduces dryness.
Very dry skin with atopic tendency
€16.60 for 200ml

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3/7 –

Moisturizing balm – CeraVe
Nourishes, hydrates and restores the protective barrier of the skin of the face and body.
Dry to very dry skin
€9.42 per 117ml tube

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4/7 –

This resurfacing protocol is ideal for exfoliating the skin, smoothing it and refining its skin texture in a spectacular way in order to prepare it for the benefits of the sun.
€98 for 75ml

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5/7 –

Solar amber to put on daily, including before exposure. Invisible on the skin, it guarantees comfort throughout the day.
€11.55 for 30ml

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6/7 –

Scrub formulated with a complex of Essential Oils, citrus zest, natural sugars and Argan shell powder, it gently exfoliates the skin for a silky finish.
All skin types
€29.10 for 200ml

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7/7 –

Body Cream Soy Milk and Honey Body Polish – KIEHL’S
Body scrub with soy milk and honey
Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive
€31 for 200ml

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