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A scourge of the times, stress is often fought through physical activity. Which ones? Our answers with Thibaut Richard, sports coach and director of Pro Trainer.

Exhausting days, performance required in the professional context, family tensions, the sources of stress remain numerous and varied. When it is subject to control, it recognizes assets. For example, that of keeping us awake. But it can become invasive and toxic. According to a study published earlier this year by the British Journal of Sports Medicine, physical activity is beneficial for improving the symptoms of depressionofanxiety and distress. It has proven its effectiveness in people with mental disorders or those suffering from chronic diseases.

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Physical activity leads to the production of endorphins, hormones that provide a feeling of well-being. Moreover, it allows you to temporarily forget your dark thoughts and to extricate yourself from your daily life, which is sometimes devoid of serenity. So what are the sports to favor to chase away tensions and anxieties? “There is no immutable rule insofar as everyone’s taste must be taken into account. Some like to let off steam, expend their energy in movement, while others prefer calm and silence to better relax,” says Thibaud Richard, sports coach.

The first thing to do is therefore to target your preferences, and not choose a discipline that would not give you joy or pleasure. ” Yoga is often referred to as the best anti-stress sport. It’s true if you like it. But some people don’t like the slowness of the movements, or get bored during the sessions. So in these conditions, we are not going to overcome the stress since we will necessarily give up” continues the specialist. So it’s not just yoga, contrary to popular belief. Other sports are effective in finding inner peace. Which ? Picture answers.

Thanks to Thibaut Richard, director of Pro trainer.

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The lively music, the varied movements and sequences give the impression of having fun. Certainly, but not only. The heart works, we sweat and by focusing on the movements, we forget our daily life. We come out empty but relaxed.

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tai chi
It is a discipline that involves linking very slow movements where you imagine a fight with an imaginary sword in your hands. It is practiced in absolute calm. Same reservation as for yoga, you must adhere to these conditions.

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It is suitable for people who are rather calm. Yoga requires you to focus on your breathing, on the precision of the postures. But some people manage to think back to their anxieties in this environment. It is therefore not always the ideal anti-stress.

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Water sports
The massaging power of water allows the body to relax. Moreover, weightlessness makes you work without having the impression of making an effort. Tensions and tensions fade away. And sleep is easier. Swimming, water gym, aquabike, the choice is vast.
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endurance sports
Running, walking or cycling force you to come face to face with yourself and refocus. In general, we chase away negative thoughts and we benefit from a breath of fresh air. Let’s be clear in general…Because for some, being alone and facing yourself can bring out your anxieties.

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The horse riding
It is a very interesting sport in this context. Horseback riding forces you to control your negative emotions to avoid transmitting them to the horse. We must therefore remain focused in the moment and be attentive. It is therefore a beneficial gymnastics to acquire calm and serenity.

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