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To fill up with calcium, it is not necessarily essential to consume dairy products. We can find this essential mineral for our health elsewhere. Explanations.

Distrust of milk or dairy products is constantly increasing. Not always rightly so. This category of foods contains essential nutrients for the proper functioning of our body. Calcium for example. The recommendations recommend an intake of 900mg per day. Essential for bone strength in particular, a deficiency can cause dry and dull skin, soft or brittle nails, among other examples.

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This most abundant mineral in the body is found primarily in the skeleton, which contains 99% of the body’s calcium. It serves many biological functions such as neuromuscular excitability, blood coagulation, membrane permeability, hormone release, enzyme activation and cell signaling. Associated with the vitamin Dit is even better absorbed by our body.

In the event of a deficiency, we are exposed to the risk ofosteoporosis or fragility fractures of the bones. Sometimes the idea that it is only found in dairy products remains tenacious. However, for some people, this consumption is impossible out of taste, or even for physiological reasons: they are not tolerated or it is difficult to digest them. So how do you ensure your calcium intake without consuming milk, yogurt or cheese? Our answers.

Thanks to Véronique Liesse, coach and dietitian nutritionist, author of “My custom microbiota” at Editions Leduc.

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