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Nana Meriwether, former Miss USA, volleyball champion and philanthropist, talks about the sugar-free diet she followed for a month and the many health benefits it brought her.

Nana Meriwheter has decided to quit sugar to regain radiance in her skin and get rid of acne. She shared her experience and the results of her sugar-free diet with US magazine Newsweek.

She says she cut sugar and sweets, including sweet fruits and honey, from her diet. “My skin had started to break out, a sign that I had to watch my diet.” Studies show that too much sugar can lead to premature aging by breaking down collagen, a protein that helps make your skin soft, supple, and smooth.

To start, the former Miss first stopped the consumption of products that were too sweet, even if it may seem complicated to avoid them completely: Once you quit the sugar, you start to notice how pervasive the stuff is. It’s almost everywhere and in almost everything“.

To hold on during the first days of the diet, the volleyball champion opted for a varied diet with very colorful plates “My lunches and dinners included eggs and vegetables, especially fermented cabbage andattorney for breakfast, celery and hummus for a snack, and sautéed ground turkey with vegetables for dinner.”

It should be taken into account that when you start a sugar free dietyou may run out of energy. This is mainly due to the reduction in carbohydrate intake. To avoid this, Nana advises sleeping well, because sleep has a lot to do with managing blood sugar, whether you’re consuming sugar or not. Studies show that if you don’t get enough sleep, your body will struggle to process glucose. “After the first week without sugar, I noticed that my energy level improved. Cutting out the sugar had actually helped me feel more energized. I didn’t feel like I needed a nap after eating. I just felt more balanced and had the energy to carry on..”

After 15 days, the former Miss USA began to feel the benefits: “ My skin was brighter. I felt full of energy. My digestion had improved, my inflammation was down. And I had lost a lot of weight around my waist“.

Nana makes a point of specifying that this cure was not a brake on her social life: “I always had to go out and be with my friends, but I just cut things like the sweet cocktails and opted for dry wine instead“.

At the end of her diet, Nana also stopped consuming foods containing simple refined carbohydrates, such as white flour, white bread, white rice, pastries, etc. After her detox treatment, the former Miss USA claims to have adopted new eating habits in her daily life: ” My 30 days without sugar has helped me get used to choosing less sugary foods. For example, now I don’t always eat dessert, whereas before I thought it was normal and I deserved it. “.

Why stopping the overconsumption of sugar is important for our health?

Sugar consumption is the cause of many chronic diseases such as diabetes, and promotes obesity and hypertension. It is therefore necessary to reduce consumption. We find added sugar everywhere: 80% of industrial products contain iteven those concerning savory preparations such as charcuterie, ready meals, industrial bread, industrial soups, sauces, etc.

What are the effects of sugar on our body?

Sugar can be addictive, the more you consume, the more you crave. It causes our energy to fluctuate wildly as well as our hormones. You should know that excess sugar turns into fat in our body.

What are the effects on the body of stopping sugar?

Quitting sugar can create side effects, as in withdrawal from any addictive substance. The effects appear between 5 and 20 days and the main symptoms are headaches or migraine, drop in blood pressure and strong irritability. These ailments are due to the lack of sugar and it is very important to hold on at this time, because after this period we will be weaned from sugar. Most people who quit sugar go through these ailments.


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