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Benign but unpleasant, the hiccups remain painful to manage, especially when they persist or invite themselves in an embarrassing context. So how to get rid of it? All the tips of a gastroenterologist.

THE hiccups results from spasmodic and involuntary contractions of the diaphragm by stimulation of the phrenic nerve. Unless it drags on, in which case it can become chronic, and be the harbinger of a pathology, it never lasts very long. However, this feeling remains really painful and in general, we are all fond of tricks to get rid of it.

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How to stop hiccups?

We can always create a context of risk limitation. Thus, one must avoid swallowing suddenly, too large quantities or large mouthfuls for example. No hot or icy drinks pouring in. We do not switch from very hot food to very cold food, or vice versa, and we avoid overconsumption of chewing gum » recommend it Dr Philippe Godeberge, gastroenterologist in Paris.

Hold your breath as long as possible

To pass it, you have to keep in mind that all the tricks are going to be based on a temporary suspension of breathingor on a diversion of attention. The first thing to do is therefore to hold one’s breath the longest time possible. This will increase the level of carbon dioxide in the blood, thus stopping the hiccups. The advantage of this trick being that it can be done with the utmost discretion!

Can also cover your ears with your index fingers for a few seconds. Or hold one’s nose blowing for a few seconds.

Lie down and do this exercise

If the context allows it, you can also Lie down and bring your knees up to your chest. Thus, you will compress the diaphragm, therefore the respiratory muscle located under the lungs. Often this position makes the hiccups pass quickly.

Ask for help

If a charitable soul wants to come to your rescue, again, there are plenty of solutions. Getting a massage vigorously the shoulder blades for example. Or, make sure scare you! There is also the technique of drink a glass of water while leaning forward.

These so-called grandmother tricks work very well. Note that if you observe an episode of hiccups after taking medication or if it is accompanied by pain, vomiting, fever or difficulty in swallowing, it is quite obvious thata medical check-up is required “says the expert. Apart from this scenario, you are ready for the next crisis..

Thanks to Dr Philippe Godeberge, gastroenterologist in Paris.

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